Karaoke Host Locations: 

  • O'Rourke's Public House   
    1044 E. Angela #103, South Bend, IN  
    Tuesday 10-close   
    Sunday 6:30-9:00
    (family friendly)

  • Corby's Irish  Pub
    441 East Lasalle St, South Bend, IN
    Wednesday 10-1

    corby's website

  • Taphouse on the Edge   
    1803 South Bend Ave, South Bend, IN    
    Thursday 8-12

    Taphouse website

  • Gina's Far East Lounge
    55581 Ash Rd, Osceola, IN
    Friday  9:30-close

    Gina's on FB

  • The Friendly Confines
    1502 Dunham St, South Bend, IN   
    Biweekly Saturday 9-1

    Friendly Confines on FB

  • International Fuse
    2206 East Mishawaka Ave, Mishawaka, IN
    Sunday 9:30-12:30

    International fuse website

Team Trivia Locations:

  • Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill
    507 E McKinley Ave, Mishawaka, IN   
    Monday  6:30-8:30
    Monterrey website

  •  The Friendly Confines
    1502 Dunham St, South Bend, IN   
    Tuesday 7-9

    Friendly Confines on FB

  • South Bend Brew Werks
    321 South Main St, Suite 105b, SB, IN
    Sunday 4-6

    SB Brew Werks website

  • O'Rourke's Public House
    1044 East Angela #103, South Bend, IN
    Monday 10 pm-12 am

Musical Bingo Locations:

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musical bingo background update 8-15-21.jpg
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