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Bride And Groom Serenade On Stage At Reception Rocking Out

About Us

Our Story

It began with the love of music. To help people see their vision become a reality, we based it on a flexible approach to keep you within budget and on task. Our prices are extremely competitive. I’ve worked hard over the years, growing my business and learning every step of the way. We have done intimate weddings, casual birthday parties, corporate functions, and events with 500+ attendees. Whether a wedding reception, birthday, karaoke, or business outing, we make your event a party to remember, tailoring the show to your specifications. SG Entertainment has always been about helping people.


Being able to share a great experience in someone's life makes me feel lucky to do what I do. When people come away with the feeling that they received more than they paid for, I know I’ve done my job. We treat every event with care and proper planning, and no gathering is too small. This is what sets us apart and will continue to keep us moving forward. 

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