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You are familiar with Bingo. Now get ready for something new!

Musical Bingo takes the game of Bingo to another level. Guests listen to audio clips of songs and try to identify the song being played. They check their card and mark off a match. But they need to be fast: songs only play for 20-30 seconds and none have the name of the song in the portion being played.

This game has the added benefit of resetting after every "bingo". No worries if some guests didn't arrive at the start of the event. They can wait a short period and join in on the next round! Our average bingo time is 15 minutes depending on the number of participants. We buffer how many winners you have during an event by adding break songs while handing out new cards. 

We also have a large selection of categories to keep it interesting and fresh!

  • Duets

  • One Hit Wonders

  • Number One Songs

  • Hair Band

  • Animated Film Songs

  • Musicals

  • Super Slo-Mo round

  • Cover Versions

  • TV Themes

  • ...and many more!!

Musical Bingo

Musical Bingo One Hit Wonders
Musical Bingo extreme slo mo
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