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How Far Is Too Far?

When booking a DJ for your event, is there a maximum distance? What kind of extra cost are you incurring by hiring out of you city (or state) limits? Let's dive in.

Our personal maxim is no job is too far. That motto gets tested on a regular basis! We average 90-120 miles worth of travel one way. Being centralized between Chicago, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis gives us an opportunity to explore markets in different states and vastly different populations. in addition, cost of living varies between us and some of the larger metropolitan areas, so we may be able to offer better initial pricing and remain competitive even with travel prices. Typically we add $1 per mile to account for travel time and incurred expenses.

Along with travel time and costs being an issue, taste in music can change between regions. We have noticed songs that are popular in our hometown are less known elsewhere. The radio station set list can sound foreign when traveling as far as 150 plus miles away. We have go to songs that are not as well received when out of our element. On the flip side of things, we also bring a refreshing change to the cookie cutter playlists that crop up with local jobs.

The beauty of getting out of your region allows you to expand your musical horizons. We take in the scenery and bring a taste back with us. This idea of constantly evolving and learning new songs keeps the job fresh and interesting. We strive to bring the best music at the best bottom line price to our customers. Bottom line: don't fear traveling DJs. You might just SAVE money and have unique sound for the night!

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